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The Endless Hunger – Tarrare & Charles Domery

In this episode of Strange Matters the unique and interesting lives of Charles Domery and Tarrare are discussed.   Infamously known as the hungriest men who ever lived, these two individuals were cursed with a constant feeling of starvation, and an insatiable desire to eat anything possible to satisfy their endless hunger.   Capable of eating in a single meal what would normally satisfy a dozen men, there is still no answer as to what was the cause for their notorious appetite.

Both Charles Domery and Tarrare lived in Europe, born in the 1770’s.   From an early age they displayed an ability to eat a tremendous amount of food.  Both would go on to serve in the War of the First Coalition, where a shortage of food drove the men to eat anything they could get their hands on, from small living animals to even grazing on grass.   Experiments would be done on both men to test the limits of their appetite, where they performed impossible feats of eating.   Though the exact cause for Charles’ and Tarrare’s endless hunger is unknown, there are several medical explanations that may provide some clues as to what made these two men so special.   Regardless, there is little doubt that these two men stand at the top of history as the two hungriest men who ever lived.



Special thanks to listener Michael Adams for sending us new Strange Matters Artwork used for this episode!

Bioprinting & Bionics

In this episode Sean and Ethan discuss the emerging and strange new science of replacing biological body parts with new or improved artificial ones.  The upcoming technology of bioprinting allows scientists to use 3-D printing to create anything from new blood vessels, artificial skin to cover burns, or even an entirely new organ ready to be transplanted.  Also the field of bionics is coming to a point where soon people can replace damaged or missing limbs with completely bionic replacements.  These new artificial appendages use smart technology and state of the art mechanics to produce a prosthetic limbs that is just as good as the one you were born with.. and perhaps in the near future they will actually be superior!



Whether it be 3-D printed organs or bionic limbs, this new technology will have a big impact in the near future! Let us know what you think, would you be willing to replace your body parts with those grown in a lab or made in a factory to improve your way of life or even to just get that slight physical advantage?

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