Villisca Axe Murders

Ross Moore approached the entrance to his brother’s house. He could tell something wasn’t right. The neighbor was used to seeing the Moore family up at an early hour, performing chores and starting their day… but not today. Ross, having a key to the house, slowly opened the door. Nothing could prepare him for what he was about to discover. He mustered up his courage and cautiously walked into the living room to discover a grizzly scene…

The Villisca Axe Murders are one of the most notorious family slayings in the United States. This small town was shaken to its core upon the discovery of the remains of an entire family of well-liked individuals. Accusations flew, crime scenes were tampered with, all chaos broke loose; but one thing was for certain: the Moore family was no more. Over the years numerous leads would be followed only to dead ends while the killer went free. Was this the work of a hitman or a cold-blooded and sadistic serial killer?

4 thoughts on “Villisca Axe Murders”

  1. You kept mentioning DNA evidence but that type of forensic evidence wasn’t first used till 1986. You were probably confusing fingerprint evidence with DNA.

    1. Hey Alan, you’re exactly right. I think ultimately that’s the point we’re discussing is that they DIDN’T have the most cutting edge forensic tools at the time. If they had the outcome of the investigation would likely have been very different. Forensic fingerprinting even was in it’s infancy but the killer was likely aware of it given that it was determined he wore gloves. It definitely adds a layer of difficulty to solving the case…

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