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The Lost Heiress – Dorothy Arnold Mystery

“On a crisp December day in 1910, Dorothy Arnold walked out of the pages of life and left behind her a mystery that outdoes fiction. There have been a thousand theories, a million rumors- but not one shred of real evidence which might explain where she went, how she went, or why.” This newspaper quote perfectly summarizes the unsolved disappearance case of Dorothy Arnold, the heiress of a wealthy New York family, who vanished suddenly and without explanation. 

Dorothy Arnold was a well known and liked socialite of a prestigious family.   The young woman had aspirations of becoming a writer, though all of her submitted works came back rejected.  Dorothy was secretly carrying out a romantic relationship with an older man, against her family’s wishes.  On one fateful day in December of 1910, Dorothy said farewell to her mother and left the house to go shopping.  The distinguished Arnold family would never see her again.

The mystery of this cases revolves around the bizarre question, how does a woman simply vanish while walking along a busy city street in the middle of the day?  There are far more questions than answers in this intriguing mystery: Did Dorothy run away?  Was she abducted, kidnapped, or murdered? Did her secret lover have anything to do with her disappearance?  Was Dorothy’s depression too great to continue living? Almost any theory is as plausible as any other due to the complete lack of evidence and clues following the young lady’s disappearance.

Listen to this episode of Strange Matters and hear all about what was called at the time the most famous Missing Persons case in American History!


The Mysterious Death of Debbie Wolfe

In the winter of 1985, a young nurse named Debbie Wolfe left her shift at the hospital and headed back to her secluded cabin in the woods.  When she did not show up to work the next day, a search began to find the missing woman.  A few days later, a bizarre and unusual discovery would start off an investigation into one of the strangest deaths you could imagine.

In this episode the death and subsequent investigation of Debbie Wolfe is covered.  This unique death is made interesting by the fact that the police and detectives working the case were quite adamant that the whole thing was just a complete accident, while Debbie’s family and friends were convinced that foul play was involved in some way.  As more clues and pieces of evidence were found following Debbie’s untimely death, the amount of new questions raised would quickly outgrow what few answers were found.

Was the death of Debbie Wolfe just a freak accident that somehow seems to defy much of the evidence found? Or was there a mystery killer involved setting the whole thing up? Listen to this episode and hear for yourself about all the unbelievable twist and turns that followed the mysterious death of Debbie Wolfe.

The Bennington Triangle

The Bennington Triangle is a region in Vermont that has gained some notoriety in the past due to a number of people that suddenly disappeared there under mysterious circumstances. In a five year span from 1945 to 1950, the Bennington area saw a bizarre string of people vanishing, seemingly without cause or explanation. What could possibly be the reasoning behind these strange disappearances?

In this episode of Strange Matters the history of the Bennington Triangle and the surrounding area is discussed, as well as covering all the main missing person cases that the region is known for. The possible theories and explanations for each mystery is also covered.

Is it possible that there is some type of connection between the unsolved incidents, or is it just a series of unfortunate events? Check out this episode to hear all about these bizarre cases of mysterious disappearances!

A Twisted Family – The Sharon Marshall Story

Sharon Marshall was a friendly, pretty, and intelligent young girl.  Those that knew her all said she had great potential with a bright future.   What  people did not know however, was that her entire life was a lie.  Sharon was not really Sharon, in fact she had no idea who she really was.  All this girl knew in her life growing up was a constant state of deceit, abuse, and terror at the hands of one man, her father Franklin Floyd.

In this episode we discuss the twisted and bizarre family situation of Frank Floyd and Sharon Marshall.  This disturbing and confusing story involves kidnappings, abuse, and even murder.  For years the mystery of who Sharon Marshall really was has intrigued many who were invested in her story and that of her family, and fortunately in the recent years enough light has been shone on this case to finally reveal her true identity.


May Day Mystery – Cryptography Part I

On May 1st of 1995, a student at the University of Arizona named Bryan Hance was reading through the local college paper when he came across a full page advert which contained a cryptic mix of images, maps, languages, and equations.  Coincidentally on the same day of May 1st for the next two years, Bryan would again see these bizarre full page ‘May Day” ads of seemingly random and nonsensical images. Deciding to dig deeper, Bryan would soon find himself obsessed trying to uncover and decipher  one of the strangest coded mysteries of the modern times.

Soon more light was shown onto this mystery.  These full-paged May Day cryptic puzzles went back in the local paper for decades, with additional smaller advertisements placed throughout the years as well.  Still, no one knew who was behind them or what purpose they served.  Through the years many people from all over the world have tried to crack the code behind the May Day Pages, which hides its clues in obscure historical, mathematical and geographical puzzles.

Are these May Day adverts the work of a secret society as a way to get their message out?  An eccentric game which will lead whoever can solve the puzzle to a vast fortune? Or simply the rambling works of an unstable but genius madman?  Tune in and hear all the theories and ideas behind this modern cryptic mystery!

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The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In the freezing winter of 1959, nine experienced hikers traveled deep into the Russian mountains.  When these hikers missed their deadline on what was supposed to be a brief journey,  a search and rescue attempt was sent into the mountains.  What the investigators discovered would become one of the most baffling and intriguing mysteries of all time, known today as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Rescuers would eventually find the hikers, all frozen and deceased, spread out across the mountain slope and woods.  For unknown reasons, at some point in the middle of the night the hikers had all run out of their tent into the freezing cold.  Their equipment and supplies were all found intact and undamaged.  Stranger still, the hikers had not even taken the time to properly dress before scattering away from the tent.  The bodies of the hikers would eventually be found in separate locations on the mountain. To further confuse the investigators, several of the bodies showed traumatic internal damage, without any outward wounds or signs of distress.

What exactly happened to those veteran hikers that night?  Were they chased out by a pack of veracious animals, or even violent humans?  Were they the unfortunate victims of a secret soviet military experiment? Or perhaps the mountain claimed them with an unstoppable avalanche.

Listen to this episode as we discuss of one of our favorite mysteries as we go over all the theories, both plausible and outlandish, and also dispel some of the myths and legends that are attributed to the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

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