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In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss the phenomenon of Cynocephaly, the bizarre characteristic of humans that possess a dog-like head.  Creatures of cynocephaly have been recorded in human history for thousands of years, dating back to the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians.  Tales of these human/dog mixes have been seen throughout the middle ages and even up to the modern day.  The origins of these mysterious beings remain a mystery, as well as to why stories of them exist all over the world.

Though commonly believed to be a mere myth, some have come up with several logical reasons behind the origins of these creatures to explain their existence and persistence throughout history.  Some theories suggest ancient people mistook certain animals to be cynocephali, while others think people portrayed as these half-dog beasts were simply how civilized societies represented foreigners and barbarians.  Whether there is any realistic explanations for these fantastical creatures will forever be unknown, but the legends of cynocephaly continue to be an intriguing historical mystery!

The Sirrush – Ancient Cryptid

In this Strange Matters Short the legend of the ancient creature known as the Sirrush is discussed.  This dragon-like beast was heavily featured through the great city of Babylon.   The Sirrush was an obscure creature that was nearly lost to time, and widely believed to be merely a myth.  However, after its rediscovery there have been new theories and explanations that would instead claim that the mysterious beast was in reality an actual living animal!

Was the Sirrush a descendant of the dinosaurs, a leftover of an extinct species? Perhaps a rare breed that was brought to Babylon from a distant land? Or are all the new theories a fantasy, and the truth remains that the Sirrush is, and has always been, simply a made up myth or legend created by the ancient people of Mesopotamia.  Check out this Strange Matters Short and hear all about this strange and interesting creature!

The Bunny Man – Urban Legend

In this episode we discuss the creepy and bizarre tale of the Bunny Man.  This urban legend originates in Fairfax county, Northern Virginia.  This strange story begins in the 1970’s, when several people encounter an ax-wielding man supposedly dressed in a full bunny suit.  In the coming weeks suddenly dozens of people reported having encounters with this so called ‘Bunny Man.’  Police searched the woods around the area but could find no trace of who this man was.

Soon the origin story became known to the public which only caused this urban legend to spread further.  In the early 1900’s a prison bus transporting mentally insane criminals crashed.  One man, guilty of slaying his family on Easter Sunday, escaped into the woods and evaded any police search.  Soon the corpses of rabbits would be found hanging from an overpass, a landmark that would later become known as the famous Bunny Man Bridge of Virginia.  Through the decades further crimes would be pinned on the Bunny Man, including the murder of groups of teens visiting the bridge on Halloween as a scare.

In the modern day there are dozens of twists and variations on this infamous urban legend tale.  Some say the Bunny Man is a wild woodsman wearing rabbit pelts, or a chainsaw carrying lunatic who wears a bunny costume, or a man who snapped and attacks groups of bullying kids who come to his bridge.  Local historians and archivist have worked to debunk and find the truth behind this weird story.  Is there any legitimacy to this particular urban legend?  Was there an actual man wearing a rabbit suit who liked to attack others with an ax? Listen to this episode and hear all about this creepy and disturbing tale and make up your mind!

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