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Blair Adams

Blair Adams was a seemingly normal man living in Canada, working at a construction company and appearing content in life.  One day, without warning, everything about Blair’s life mysteriously changed.   In just a few days Blair emptied his savings account, quit his job,  made several attempts to flee the country, all before being found dead half-naked in a parking lot in Knoxville, Tennessee.  What caused his sudden paranoia,  who he was running from, and the ultimate motive for his bizarre death is still unknown to this day.

What caused this man to turn his life upside down without warning?  What scared Blair so badly that he did everything he could to escape Canada, and then to keep running once he did.  Who killed Blair, and for what reason?  This episode discusses the unusual story behind this case, and the popular theories behind the many strange events that happened in Blair Adam’s final days.

Hitler’s Fate: Death or Escape?

Battle of Berlin, April 1945.  The last major European offensive of World War II. As Soviet troops push into the German capital, a defeated Adolf Hitler commits suicide in his underground bunker… Or did he?  In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss the claims that Adolf Hitler not only survived the battle and escaped Berlin, but went on to live for years afterwards hiding in multiple countries.  Sean presents the known facts leading up to Hitler’s supposed death, and the evidence supporting the existing fate of the German dictator.  Ethan then goes on to show the clues that could point to the case that Hitler in fact did escape Berlin, and the likely path he took on his way to freedom.  Investigators have discovered a possible escape route Hitler could have used to slip away from the Soviet and American armies.  New evidence may also show that many in the Nazi high command managed to escape from Germany and stay hidden in several South American countries.

Could Hitler really have escaped from the Red Army surrounding Berlin? If so where did he go and what was he up to?  Or is it all just false leads and Hitler actually died in his bunker?  Listen to the episode and let us know what you think!

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