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The Lost Heiress – Dorothy Arnold Mystery

“On a crisp December day in 1910, Dorothy Arnold walked out of the pages of life and left behind her a mystery that outdoes fiction. There have been a thousand theories, a million rumors- but not one shred of real evidence which might explain where she went, how she went, or why.” This newspaper quote perfectly summarizes the unsolved disappearance case of Dorothy Arnold, the heiress of a wealthy New York family, who vanished suddenly and without explanation. 

Dorothy Arnold was a well known and liked socialite of a prestigious family.   The young woman had aspirations of becoming a writer, though all of her submitted works came back rejected.  Dorothy was secretly carrying out a romantic relationship with an older man, against her family’s wishes.  On one fateful day in December of 1910, Dorothy said farewell to her mother and left the house to go shopping.  The distinguished Arnold family would never see her again.

The mystery of this cases revolves around the bizarre question, how does a woman simply vanish while walking along a busy city street in the middle of the day?  There are far more questions than answers in this intriguing mystery: Did Dorothy run away?  Was she abducted, kidnapped, or murdered? Did her secret lover have anything to do with her disappearance?  Was Dorothy’s depression too great to continue living? Almost any theory is as plausible as any other due to the complete lack of evidence and clues following the young lady’s disappearance.

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The Bennington Triangle

The Bennington Triangle is a region in Vermont that has gained some notoriety in the past due to a number of people that suddenly disappeared there under mysterious circumstances. In a five year span from 1945 to 1950, the Bennington area saw a bizarre string of people vanishing, seemingly without cause or explanation. What could possibly be the reasoning behind these strange disappearances?

In this episode of Strange Matters the history of the Bennington Triangle and the surrounding area is discussed, as well as covering all the main missing person cases that the region is known for. The possible theories and explanations for each mystery is also covered.

Is it possible that there is some type of connection between the unsolved incidents, or is it just a series of unfortunate events? Check out this episode to hear all about these bizarre cases of mysterious disappearances!


Lt. Colonel Percival Harrison Fawcett was a man among men. A leader in the British military and an expedition who had been out on countless excursions into uncharted and enemy territory was obsessed with the idea of a lost yet wondrous city in the deep jungle of the Amazon. In the early 20th century, he set out on his third and last expedition in search of this great alleged myth. This adventure would present numerous obstacles including but not limited to vicious jaguars, reptiles and angry natives. Amazon

2 long years passed without any word from the rugged Fawcett, his son Jack and Jack’s friend Raleigh Rimell. Various different explanations have been suggested many of which have significant degrees of plausibility. Could these brave men have gone native and simply joined the Indians in the Amazonian jungle? Perhaps a strange obsession with the cult known as Theosophy had something to do with their disappearance. Listen in to this episode and find out!

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Without a Trace

In this episode of Strange Matters, three cases are presented in which someone suddenly vanished without a trace.  In each of these unsolved mysteries, the victims would be going about living normal lives, until the next moment they were simply gone, forever.

Danielle Imbo and Richard Petrone were hanging at a bar late one night with some friends. At around midnight, the pair left the bar to head towards Richard’s truck. Neither of them would ever be seen again.  This case has puzzled police and the community for over a decade, as no one can see how its possible for two people and a truck could simply go missing without a shred of evidence.

Angela Hammond was on a payphone late at night, talking to her fiance Rob. Suddenly, she screamed into the phone.  Her fiance ran to his car and raced towards to where she was, when a truck passed by with a woman inside screaming his name.  Unfortunately, Rob could not catch up and the truck would drive away, apparently taking Angela with it.  No signs of her would ever be found.

In the last case, teenage Laureen Rahn was enjoying a day with two friends in her apartment.  Later that night, Laureen’s mother came home, to find that only her daughter’s friend was still at the apartment.  Her daughter was gone, with no signs of forced entry or a struggle, and all her belongings left behind.  It’s as if Laureen stepped outside and was suddenly gone, without a trace.  Though there were a few odd leads in this case, the police could find absolutely no clues as to what happened to the missing teenager.


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Unsolved Disappearances 2

In this short, Eric discusses two intriguing and mysterious disappearances.

First, the story of Diane Augat… this 40 year-old woman has a history of bipolar disorder and drug and alcohol abuse. After losing custody of her children and later getting divorced her life began to spiral out of control. She was last seen in April of 1998, however a mysterious phone call, believed to be from Augat reached her mother’s answering machine. A few days later her severed finger was found. Later her belongings began to turn up all over town. Who could have murdered this woman and what was the motive?

In our second disappearance, an innocent 8 year old boy vanished while passing through a crowd of people in Britain. His remains were found over 80 miles away. His death was later linked to a place known as The Elm Guest House where rich VIP politicians and judges would go to partake in disturbing sexual parties involving young boys. However the police appear to have worked very hard to cover up evidence tying any particular individual to this guest house. Tune in to this episode and learn more details about these mysterious disappearances!

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Unsolved Disappearances

Our very first episode! For our introductory episode we present three cases of mystery and intrigue. In this segment of The Strange Matters Podcast each of us tells a mysterious tale of unsolved disappearances. These cases leave behind some clues as to what happened but no one can be sure of the ultimate fate of those who have vanished.

Sean discusses the strange & creepy circumstances surrounded the Eilean Mor Lighthouse, where three lighthouse keepers suddenly vanished without leaving a trace. The few clues that were left behind only puzzled those searching the island more.  Whether the men were lost to weather or perhaps to something more sinister is anybody’s guess.


Eric presents the case of Zebb Quinn.  This teenager was acting erratic right before he was last seen, and there has been no solid leads as to where he is or if he is still alive.  Unfortunately for Zebb his childhood ‘friend’ who last saw him alive may have had more cause in his disappearance than he has ever admitted.

Finally Ethan brings us the story of the infamous Lost Colony.  Several years after being settled, relief ships found the town completely abandoned, the structures remained but no signs of life could be found.  One of the only clues left behind was the famous carving of the word “CROATAN” into a nearby tree.  What could cause an entire colony of new settlers in America to vanish without any trace? We discuss all the possibilities, from Native massacres, starvation, to even a poor attempt at amateur boat building to sail back to England…


Thank you for listening to the first episode of Strange Matters, we hope you enjoy listening to this mysterious tales of unsolved disappearances.  Please leave any feedback and suggestions for this and future episodes!

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