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American Sicko

Albert Fish is one of the most horrific serial killers of all time. Despite an alleged lower kill-count than other notorious killers, the brutality of his crimes takes him to an all new level. He is most famous for his quote: “I like children, they are tasty”. However as a boy, Fish was set up for failure. With a family history of psychiatric illness, significant childhood trauma and even physical trauma to his central nervous system, he would go on to develop a sadomasochistic desire for pain. His numerous paraphilias developed over the years along with his bizarre religious delusions. This could be the darkest episode we have ever done at Strange Matters Podcast.

The Wendigo: The Winter Monster- A Strange Matters Short

This Strange Matters Short is all about the Wendigo, the legendary Native American man-eating creature.   This episode continues our series on cryptozoology, the study of beings that are considered myths and legends.  The Wendigo is a tale that was told for generations by the Algonquian people who inhabited the northern regions of the U.S and Canada.  This bizarre creature was supposedly a terror that haunted the local tribes. Hiding in the frozen woods of the North and attacking their villages, the Wendigo would kill and devour men, women, and children.  Even stranger than the story of the Wendigo is the disturbing mental disorder that plagued the Algonquian people.  This so called “Wendigo Psychosis” would spontaneously drive members of the native tribes to kill and eat anyone around them.

Is there any legitimacy to this mysterious and terrifying monster?  Why were the Algonquian people so obsessed with the possibility of falling into the practice of cannibalism?  Could the Wendigo monster really just be a tall tale describing the acts of those who became mentally ill and driven to eat their fellow tribesman?  Listen to this episode and hear all the theories about this strange creature!

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