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The Sirrush – Ancient Cryptid

In this Strange Matters Short the legend of the ancient creature known as the Sirrush is discussed.  This dragon-like beast was heavily featured through the great city of Babylon.   The Sirrush was an obscure creature that was nearly lost to time, and widely believed to be merely a myth.  However, after its rediscovery there have been new theories and explanations that would instead claim that the mysterious beast was in reality an actual living animal!

Was the Sirrush a descendant of the dinosaurs, a leftover of an extinct species? Perhaps a rare breed that was brought to Babylon from a distant land? Or are all the new theories a fantasy, and the truth remains that the Sirrush is, and has always been, simply a made up myth or legend created by the ancient people of Mesopotamia.  Check out this Strange Matters Short and hear all about this strange and interesting creature!

Mysteries of the Ancient World!

In this episode of Strange Matters we delve deep into the past and discuss two mysteries that have gone unsolved for ages.  First Eric presents the bizarre phenomenon of the Ever-Burning Lamps.  These strange lights have appeared in multiple places and times in history, and are claimed to be able to burn for centuries.  Though there is no physical evidence of a working lamp, there are many written records of such devices.  Are they some form of magic or supernatural ability, or are they a precursor of advanced scientific instruments?


Next Sean discusses the disastrous and apocalyptic event that is known as the Late Bronze Age Collapse.  Suddenly and violently, the high empires and nations of the Bronze Age completely collapsed without warning, every major city in the Mediterranean area left in ruins.  This is considered by many historians to be the worst societal and technological collapse in human history.  Just what caused so many advanced civilizations to fall into oblivion at nearly the same time?  Listen to our episode and decide which theory you think is most likely!



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