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The Grinning Man

Around the same time that reports of the Mothman were surfacing, another mysterious creature had been sighted nearby. Encounters with a strange creature now known as Indrid Cold, a humanoid creature with strange features including an unusually large, frozen grin, were spreading around the area. While sightings were not as prevalent as with the Mothman, they were no less unsettling. Sometimes Cold would simply stare at passers-by, other times he would give chase and even engage in conversation. Just about everyone reports feeling at best, uncomfortable, at worst horrified for their life. However it is unclear at this time whether or not Cold actually possessed any nefarious intent or whether he was simply observing humankind. Furthermore no one truly understands Cold’s purpose for visiting our planet or whether or not this was even an alien in the first place. While some witnesses claim that Cold revealed all to them and even took them to their home planet, other simply report being terrified. Could this mysterious “Grinning Man” be an alien from another planet or even a government “Man in Black”? Is he a single entity or a community or species? Or was Point Pleasant West Virginia simply a hot spot for paranormal activity at time?

Close Encounters

Aliens… Do they really exist? Are we really all alone in the universe? Perhaps it depends on your definition of the term “alien”; perhaps your stereotypical small-bodied Grey or maybe something as simple as a microbe could define this term. But how could we know that aliens exist? Some think that crop circles are a sign that aliens not only exist but have visited earth. With reports dating back centuries, this concept is not foreign. Many crop circles are localized to southern England however they can be found all over the world.

While many suggest that they are all simply pranks or hoaxes performed by very creative and skilled artists, others think that at least a certain percentage are the result of otherworldly visitors.

Other evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrial life lies in personal reports of human abduction. Perhaps the oldest reports of these abductions occurred in 1961. “The Hill Abduction” is the story of Barney and Betty Hill who were an inter-racial couple were well educated and involved in professional organizations. These individuals would have much to lose and little to gain from fabricating a story of the sort. Nonetheless they share the tale of traveling down a country road in their car one night while following a mysterious light.

Hill abduction
As the light approached closer Barney stopped the car and got out wielding his trusty pistol. As he got closer he was able to spot “non-human” creatures inside what appeared to be a disk-shaped flying object. He screamed “They’re going to capture us!” as he ran back to the car, however shortly thereafter both of them report slipping into a strange trance. After waking up 35 miles south of where they had originally stopped the car, they would go on to continue their lives while being plagued by strange dreams and other odd occurrences.

Another alien encounter was reported by a “Dr. Jonathan Reed”. While out in the woods one day he came upon a strange humanoid creature fighting with his beloved dog, Suzy. When the alien got the upper hand and somehow reduced his dog to a pile of dust, Reed angrily approached the creature from behind and struck it in the head, killing it.

Reed Alien

The remains were captured in various photographs, however the authenticity of this story has been questioned.

Travis Walton, on the other hand was a logger who was in the presence of five of his buddies when he encountered aliens. Traveling in a truck down yet another country road after a long day’s work, the men spotted a strange glowing object in the distance. As they approached it, one man would describe it as “a luminous object, shaped like a flattened disk” and nearly 20 feet in diameter.

Walton aliens

Walton got out and approached the saucer but was immediately struck by a bright blue light emanating from the craft which knocked him back onto the ground. While the other men bolted, Walton would go missing for 5 days, only to return with a tale of alien abduction. Despite this wild tale, all the men would go on to pass polygraph tests suggesting that they were telling the truth. Tune in to this podcast episode and decide for yourself: are aliens really out there?


Out of this World Encounters

In this episode, Eric takes you on a tour of some of the world’s sightings of Alien cryptids. The following stories walk a fine line between what is considered a cryptid and what is actually just evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

The first encounter is that of the Enfield Horror. In 1973 in the town of Enfield Illinois multiple accounts of encounters with a strange 3 legged creature were reported all around the same time. This monstrosity, thought to be an alien, demon or genetic mutation, terrorized the town for days before disappearing never to be seen again.


One individual tells how they heard a scratch at the door, and when they went to investigate, found a hideous hairy, yet slimy figure crouched at his front door with large glowing red eyes and miniature T-Rex like arms protruding from its narrow torso. As ridiculous as this sounds, multiple independent accounts describe the creature very similarly. Is this an alien? Or another cryptid? Or simply just a case of mistaken identity?

The Musconetcong Mantis Man is another strange hybrid or genetic mutation that was sighted and described similarly within a fairly localized region in New Jersey. Some describe this 7-foot tall praying mantis as having inter-dimensional teleportation capabilities based on its ability to seemingly materialize and de-materialize in and out of thin air.


However a slightly more logical explanation would be that this giant mantis is using natural capabilities, that it’s smaller bug brethren display commonly — the ability to take on the same color and pattern as its surroundings, also known as active camouflage. Some people believe that this giant beast is some mad scientists genetic experiment gone horribly wrong; and when this unnamed mad scientist realized he could not control this creature, he simply released it into the wild, where it has dwelled for years. Another popular theory draws similarities between the Mantis Man and another well known race of mantis-like aliens.

Our final alien encounter is of a less extra-terrestrial form, however is alien in the sense of a creature that is non-native to the area in which it has been sighted. Alien big cats or “ABCs” are large black wild cats that have been sighted in Britain for almost a century. There have been several reports of people being attacked and some deceased corpses of smaller ABCs have been found. However the British government is skeptical given the existence of these beasts and believes them to be nothing more than hoaxes or misidentifications.


Others take a more primitive and paranormal approach and believe that they are demons that have taken the form of panthers and leopards. However despite the demystification of thousands of photographs, there are still a handful that remain unexplained.

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The Most Strange and Unexplained Audio Recordings

In this episode we discuss some of the strangest sounds ever recorded starting with underwater recordings then moving to outer space and finishing up back on earth with several mysterious “sky-quakes”.

“The Bloop” is one of the more famous underwater recordings and is thought by many to be created by some still undiscovered, deep-ocean creature. “The Julia” is a slightly more sinister recording that resembles a muffled, underwater cry for help. “The Upsweep” also remains a mystery however all of these underwater recordings share the trait that they are far louder than any noise ever created by a known animal. Many more practical theories exist including that of icebergs fracturing and dropping massive chunks of ice into the ocean. Listen and decide for yourself!

Numerous recordings from outer space have fans debating whether this is the voice of an extra-terrestrial being or simply space dust colliding with the atmosphere of planets in our solar system. In this episode we also discuss the “Frantic Caller” who calls in to Art Bell’s Coast to Coast AM radio station, warning of extra-dimensional beings that have infiltrated the United States’ military and government. Is this a simple hoax or does this terrified caller speak the truth?

Finally, we finish up with a discussion of “sky quakes” which are varying, trumpet-like sounds that seem to come from above. Many potential explanations exist for these terrifying noises; however many of them remain to be confirmed. These recordings are creepy beyond what words can describe… but what could they truly be? Are they man made noises or something more sinister? Listen to this episode and judge for yourself!

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