The Chupacabra

In this episode we discuss the legend of the mythical Chupacabra! This popular cryptid comes from Puerto Rico and has been blamed for the bloody deaths of hundreds of livestock.  Starting in the 1990’s, words quickly spread among the farming villages of a strange animal killing livestock.  This unusual lizard/dog like creature is famous for sucking all the blood out of animals before disappearing completely.  Hundreds have claimed to have seen this creature, but the chupacabra has never been captured. Still no proof that the chupacabra actually exists and is not just an urban legend blown to an international scale.

For this episode Sean gives the background and history of this bloodthirsty animal and the guys discuss the main theories and ideas behind the legendary cryptid.  Please leave feedback and your own thoughts on the Chupacabra along with any other areas of Cryptozoology you would like us to cover!

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Unsolved Disappearances

Our very first episode! For our introductory episode we present three cases of mystery and intrigue. In this segment of The Strange Matters Podcast each of us tells a mysterious tale of unsolved disappearances. These cases leave behind some clues as to what happened but no one can be sure of the ultimate fate of those who have vanished.

Sean discusses the strange & creepy circumstances surrounded the Eilean Mor Lighthouse, where three lighthouse keepers suddenly vanished without leaving a trace. The few clues that were left behind only puzzled those searching the island more.  Whether the men were lost to weather or perhaps to something more sinister is anybody’s guess.


Eric presents the case of Zebb Quinn.  This teenager was acting erratic right before he was last seen, and there has been no solid leads as to where he is or if he is still alive.  Unfortunately for Zebb his childhood ‘friend’ who last saw him alive may have had more cause in his disappearance than he has ever admitted.

Finally Ethan brings us the story of the infamous Lost Colony.  Several years after being settled, relief ships found the town completely abandoned, the structures remained but no signs of life could be found.  One of the only clues left behind was the famous carving of the word “CROATAN” into a nearby tree.  What could cause an entire colony of new settlers in America to vanish without any trace? We discuss all the possibilities, from Native massacres, starvation, to even a poor attempt at amateur boat building to sail back to England…


Thank you for listening to the first episode of Strange Matters, we hope you enjoy listening to this mysterious tales of unsolved disappearances.  Please leave any feedback and suggestions for this and future episodes!

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