Halloween Mysteries & Murders Part I

In this special two-part episode of Strange Matters several cases of mystery and murder are discussed, with each  disturbing story taking place on Halloween!  In the two parts of this episode four dark cases are presented, including the story of a man vanishing into the desert leaving behind only cryptic clues, a toddler stolen from her crib, an unidentified Jane Doe murdered, and even a deadly instance of Trick or Treat.   Enjoy listening to these disturbing and unusual Halloween cases of Mystery & Murder!

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One thought on “Halloween Mysteries & Murders Part I”

  1. For the first story, I didn’t hear you mention the fact that hikers often leave a rock in a stack where previous hikers have along many trails. Was that looked into? No clue about the other stuff, but that could account for the rock stacks. They are often pyramid shaped.

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