The Gates of Hell – Stull, Kansas

To wrap up the month of September we have a special guest episode where we interview Stephanie Craig on one of her favorite legends, The Gates of Hell in Stull, Kansas. Stephanie is a fellow podcaster, traveler and history fanatic so be sure to check out her website

Stull is the very definition of a small town with just a few inhabitants and a small number of buildings within the city limits. However the lore that is interwoven into the history of Stull reaches far and wide, as it is said to contain one of the Gates of Hell. Its believed that on Halloween and the Spring Solstice the Devil comes to Earth through this gate to summon the spirits of those who died in violent ways. While some of the legends might be thought to be far-fetched, there are numerous rumors of strange encounters that have occurred on the cemetery property in Stull, including the demolishing of the church in a most mysterious manner.

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