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SPECIAL – Local Legends Collaboration

Listen to this special collaborative episode between Strange Matters, Don’t Break the Oath, Zeng This, and Knock Once For Yes Podcasts!  Each of the podcasts and their host discuss a number of local urban legends, mysteries, and unexplained events.

From a morbid group of sisters who had a dark reputation for murder, a cemetery vampire, unexplained UFOs, and some  ghostly hauntings, check out this episode to hear a range of interesting and creepy stories!

Big thanks to the hosts of Don’t Break the Oath, Zeng This, & Knock Once For Yes podcasts for working with us on this episode!



Unexplained Hauntings, Spirits, & Paranormal Activity

In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss four unexplained mysteries and legendary tales.  Each of these cases involve the potential of hauntings, paranormal activity, and spiritual involvement.  From one of the world’s most haunted locations, to a mysterious  bleeding house, and two tales of malignant spirits, the topics discussed in this episode are as interesting as they are spooky.  

In the Black Forest Haunting, the Lee family moved into an isolated log home set in the thickest regions of the woods.  Shortly after moving in, the family began to experience strange and disturbing activity for which they could not explain.  Loud and random sounds, lights turning on and off, mysterious break-ins,  and most disturbing of all sightings of shadow figures and ghostly apparitions in the house.   Neither the police nor home security systems could explain logically what was going on.  In desperation, the Lees turned to Psychic Investigators, ghost busters, and local shamans in an attempt to understand the bizarre nature of their home.

The Atlanta Blood House makes for a strange and unique mystery.  The Winston couple shockingly discovered one day a red substance splattered and pooled all over their house.  After a quick police investigation and forensic testing, it was confirmed that the red liquid found in the Winston’s home was actually human blood.   Where this large amount of blood came from and for what reason it appeared is still unknown to this day.

Lastly we cover two old legendary tales involving troublesome spirits.   The Taotaomo’na is an ancestral spirit believed to roam certain areas of Guam.  These spirits were known to be very territorial, and great care and respect must be given when passing through these lands… or else.  

Finally we present the tale of La Llorona, a malevolent spirit which has been haunting Southwestern Hispanic cultures for centuries.  La Llorona was once a beautiful young woman who became a mother to two children.  However, after she committed an unspeakable crime, this woman would pass on to becoming this fearful spirit.  The legend goes that La Llorona still prowls the nights in search of young victims to claim as her own.

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Creepy & Unexplained Listener Stories

In this episode of Strange Matters we once again present a collection of creepy and unexplained personal stories that were sent into us by our listeners.  In this fourth installment in our Listener Story series, we share tales that cover a wide range of mysterious and paranormal topics.  From closet-dwelling clowns, an empty mart that seemingly comes to life at night, and even an appearance from an immodest ghost, these tales will be sure to intrigue and unnerve you!

Thanks to Rob, Erica, Fallon, Levi, Kim, and Alex for sharing your stories with us!  If you have your own creepy and mysterious personal story please feel free to write to the podcast and share it with us.



Creepy Listener Stories

In this episode of Strange Matters we share a collection of unexplained and creepy listener stories that have been shared with us.  Each of these stories involved personal encounters and experiences that can not be easily explained. These tales range from possible UFO sightings, to direct Alien visits, creepy shadow figures, smelly co-hosts, and bizarre strangers.  Between all the different unexplained experiences shared with us, this episode will be sure to give you the chills.

Thanks to Joan, Danielle, Dan, Fallon, and Samantha for sharing their personal creepy listener stories with us!

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If a Tree Falls in the Forest

If a tree falls in the forest does it really make a sound? This philosophical conundrum raises questions about humans ability to perceive and interpret reality. What is reality? How much of what we are seeing is real and how much of it is simply our brains misinterpreting our senses?

In this episode we discuss several different haunted forests around the world. The first of which is known as Hoia Baciu, also known as “The World’s Most Haunted Forest”, also known as “Romania’s Bermuda Triangle”. HB UFOThis forest has been known for its mysterious UFO sightings and apparitions since the 60s when a biologist went there to examine the strange curvature of the trees that grew on the land. Instead of finding an answer to his question, he snapped several photos of UFOs and also experienced the feeling that he was not alone in Hoia Baciu. Since then people who visit this small area of land complain of unexplained nausea and vomiting, rashes, scratches and feelings that they are being watched.

The next haunted forest is known as Aokigahara which is a most beautiful 16 square mile patch of land located at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. Many people from all over the world travel here to catch a glimpse of its splendor, however there is another more sinister attraction. It has become Japan’s number one suicide hot spot and over the last two decades hundreds of skeletons have been found in these woods. What is it about this area that attract so many desperate individuals and erodes there will to survive? SF JapanSome come with the full intent of ending their lives while others come with a back up plan in case they change their mind and decide they wish to live. However one thing is for sure, and that is that this forest has an extremely treacherous terrain that could reduce your most avid hiker to nothing more then an incapacitated, lost hope.

Our final haunted forest lands closer to our home in Virginia, United States of America. Along the Appalachian Trail many people have reported seeing the ghost of a young boy known as Ottie Cline Powell. This young boy went missing over a century ago, never to return. OCPHis body was found lifeless and frozen huddled at the top of Bluff Mountain where he had strayed over 7 miles from his schoolhouse. This sad story is believed to have resulted in his ghost wandering the AT for over a century in search of a way home to his family.


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Unwanted Guests

In this episode the crew of Strange Matters dives back into the realm of the paranormal and unknown, with four creepy tales of haunted artifacts, werewolves, angry poltergeists, and disturbed attic dwellers.  These stories of unwanted guests will be sure to send chills down your spine.

The first story is that of the Hexham Heads, strange stone artifacts discovered that seemed to carry with them a dark curse. Several people who had ownership of these heads, and for a few unlucky individuals who just happened to be nearby, witnessed several unexplained and disturbing encounters.  There are claims of ghostly and poltergeist activity connected with the stone heads, not to mention sightings of a werewolf creature that seems to follow them everywhere.

Attic HauntNext up is the infamous Man in the Attic, or the San Pedro Haunting.  This story involves a woman named Jackie who is experiencing a literal house full of horrors, including unworldly noises, moving objects, ghostly sightings, and even walls dripping human blood.  For those who agreed to investigate the house, their experiences would be much worse, and nearly fatal.  This case is one of the most famous cases of paranormal and poltergeist activity in the United States.

The Jacksonville Clowns were a bizarre case that would terrify anyone who shares a phobia of clowns.  A series of men, dressed up as clowns, was caught on several surveillance cameras approaching houses.  Whether this was a meaningless prank or perhaps something more sinister is unknown to this day.

The last case is that of the Woman in the Ceiling.  A paranoid man sets up a night vision camera in his apartment, in the process catching a woman descending from his loft’s attic space to eat his food and walk around his apartment while he slept.  Though some claim this might be a hoax, the man still swears this disturbing intruder actually dwelled in his place for some time, all the time unknown to him.

Enjoy these stories of bizarre and creepy unwanted guests!

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