Unexplained Activity of British Columbia

In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss a wide variety of creepy and unexplained activity all coming from British Columbia.  This region of Canada is well known for its long history of bizarre stories and events.  From UFO sightings, to haunted islands, and even its own legendary cryptid, British Columbia is a treasure trove for anyone who is interested in the strange and unusual.

3 thoughts on “Unexplained Activity of British Columbia”

  1. David Knudsen’s photo was a hoax. My husband was friends with him back then and it was a big joke amongst all of them.

    1. OK to be fair I just double checked with my husband and he didn’t hear first hand from David that it was a hoax, but rather one of David’s friends. He says that his older brother and the guy who claimed it was a hoax were all friends with David and that David had stuck a toy spaceship that came in a cereal box on the window and taken the picture of that. But yeah David’s friends all knew that David had faked it.

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