The Mandela Effect

The Mandela Effect is a trendy term used to describe a particularly strange phenomenon that a large number of individuals feel they are experiencing.  Numerous different people all over the world have discovered that they share the exact same memories of certain subjects and events… Memories that in reality turn out to be completely false. Those who dig deeper into this theory have used it as evidence of such outlandish  claims as time travel, parallel dimensions, and shifting timelines. 

The root of the Mandela Effect lies in circumstances when people suddenly find out that something that they believe they know from their past is suddenly changed.  This can range from song lyrics, movie lines, and even to how the way words are spelled being completely different from how they remembered in the past.  In certain people’s memories, what they used to remember clearly and  vividly  is no more, and never has been.  While many consider the Mandela Effect to be merely a case of mass misremembering or false memories, others aren’t so sure.  There are claims that due to the large amount of people sharing these similar false memories, that it could be evidence of something, or someone, tampering with our past.  These theories range from meddlesome time travelers, to people being unknowingly shifted into a different timeline in which things are much different from what they remember.

So is it possible that there are multiple parallel dimensions that we are constantly switching between? Or is the Mandela Effect simply a case of  mass coincidences?  Tune in and listen to some of the theories and popular examples of the Mandela Effect in action!

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May Day Mystery – Cryptography Part I

On May 1st of 1995, a student at the University of Arizona named Bryan Hance was reading through the local college paper when he came across a full page advert which contained a cryptic mix of images, maps, languages, and equations.  Coincidentally on the same day of May 1st for the next two years, Bryan would again see these bizarre full page ‘May Day” ads of seemingly random and nonsensical images. Deciding to dig deeper, Bryan would soon find himself obsessed trying to uncover and decipher  one of the strangest coded mysteries of the modern times.

Soon more light was shown onto this mystery.  These full-paged May Day cryptic puzzles went back in the local paper for decades, with additional smaller advertisements placed throughout the years as well.  Still, no one knew who was behind them or what purpose they served.  Through the years many people from all over the world have tried to crack the code behind the May Day Pages, which hides its clues in obscure historical, mathematical and geographical puzzles.

Are these May Day adverts the work of a secret society as a way to get their message out?  An eccentric game which will lead whoever can solve the puzzle to a vast fortune? Or simply the rambling works of an unstable but genius madman?  Tune in and hear all the theories and ideas behind this modern cryptic mystery!

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Flat Earth Theory

In this episode  Strange Matters tackles one of the most controversial and bizarre conspiracy theories still spreading to this day – The Flat Earth Theory.  Though it might come as a surprise to many, the shape of our home planet is still up to debate according to those who don’t buy into the “Round Earth” conspiracy.   To those holding the notion that our planet is in fact a flat plane, they believe that the world leaders, scientists, and most of all NASA are all involved in a widespread cover up to continue to fool the mass population  into thinking we are living on a globe.

To a Flat Earther, you should only believe what you can see and perceive with your senses.  Since you can not see the Earth’s curvature on the horizon, it must mean that the land is flat all around the world.  In this theory, the sun and moon are relatively small spheres that travel in circles only a few thousand miles above the plane of our planet.   Surrounding Earth is a thick, impassable wall of ice that holds in Earth’s oceans, and perhaps even a massive dome above us that is illuminated by holograms giving the illusion of a starry sky, when in reality something much difference than space lies beyond our planet.

Listen to this episode and hear all about the strange and bizarre ideas and conspiracies involved in the Flat Earth Theory!

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