Lt. Colonel Percival Harrison Fawcett was a man among men. A leader in the British military and an expedition who had been out on countless excursions into uncharted and enemy territory was obsessed with the idea of a lost yet wondrous city in the deep jungle of the Amazon. In the early 20th century, he set out on his third and last expedition in search of this great alleged myth. This adventure would present numerous obstacles including but not limited to vicious jaguars, reptiles and angry natives. Amazon

2 long years passed without any word from the rugged Fawcett, his son Jack and Jack’s friend Raleigh Rimell. Various different explanations have been suggested many of which have significant degrees of plausibility. Could these brave men have gone native and simply joined the Indians in the Amazonian jungle? Perhaps a strange obsession with the cult known as Theosophy had something to do with their disappearance. Listen in to this episode and find out!

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The Colonia Dignidad

In 1961, a German man named Paul Schäfer formed a community in an isolated region in Chile.  Known as the Colonia Dignidad, or Dignity Colony, this large complex was constructed originally  as a place of community welfare and harmony, which promoted free schooling and health care for all.  Behind it’s barbed wire fences however, Paul Schäfer was secretly creating  a living nightmare of violence and abuse for those trapped inside.

The Colonia Dignidad would operate independently and secretly for three decades.  During that time thousands of people were forced to suffer cruelties under their harsh leader.  Schäfer, a former Nazi who served in World War II, turned his “Dignity Colony” into his own personal paradise of sadism and torture.  Those who suffered the worst in that time was the young children, on whom Schäfer would turn his perverse attention to for years.  Disturbingly, both the Chilean and German governments turned a blind eye as to what was going on inside the colony, leaving their people to the whims of a deeply disturbed man.

It took nearly thirty years until those on the outside finally started to stand up to Schäfer and work to take down the evils occurring inside the Colonia Dignidad.  Though the evil place was eventually disbanded, and its leader finally brought to face up to his awful crimes, thousands of innocent people were still left to  put together their shattered lives.

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The Mystery of Dorothy Jane Scott

For months, Dorothy Jane Scott had been receiving disturbing phone calls from an obsessed and violent stalker.  This mysterious caller promised Dorothy that he would soon take her, and that she belonged to him.  On one fateful night, Dorothy dropped a wounded colleague off at a hospital, and then later walked back out into the dark parking lot.  That was the last time she was seen.

As strange as this event was, it is merely the beginning of what is one of the darkest and creepiest mysteries yet covered by Strange Matters.   Once Dorothy had vanished, her stalker did not simply disappear as well.  Instead, he turned his attention to her family, persistently tormenting them with conflicting knowledge of their loved one’s fate.

Check out this episode where the dark and downright unnerving mystery of Dorothy Jane Scott is discussed.   All  the known theories and ideas are also presented in an attempt to make sense of it all.

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Eastern Border

The Dyatlov Pass Incident

In the freezing winter of 1959, nine experienced hikers traveled deep into the Russian mountains.  When these hikers missed their deadline on what was supposed to be a brief journey,  a search and rescue attempt was sent into the mountains.  What the investigators discovered would become one of the most baffling and intriguing mysteries of all time, known today as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

Rescuers would eventually find the hikers, all frozen and deceased, spread out across the mountain slope and woods.  For unknown reasons, at some point in the middle of the night the hikers had all run out of their tent into the freezing cold.  Their equipment and supplies were all found intact and undamaged.  Stranger still, the hikers had not even taken the time to properly dress before scattering away from the tent.  The bodies of the hikers would eventually be found in separate locations on the mountain. To further confuse the investigators, several of the bodies showed traumatic internal damage, without any outward wounds or signs of distress.

What exactly happened to those veteran hikers that night?  Were they chased out by a pack of veracious animals, or even violent humans?  Were they the unfortunate victims of a secret soviet military experiment? Or perhaps the mountain claimed them with an unstoppable avalanche.

Listen to this episode as we discuss of one of our favorite mysteries as we go over all the theories, both plausible and outlandish, and also dispel some of the myths and legends that are attributed to the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

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