How to Disappear

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In our first Patreon-suggested episode, we discuss various different cases of individuals who are alleged to have intentionally faked their own disappearance. In many of our earlier episodes this is a common theory for many unexplained vanishings, however it is extremely difficult to prove the individual’s intent. In some cases there is no evidence of foul play or abduction; it simply appears that they just dropped off the face of the earth. In other scenarios it would appear that the missing individual took a more careful approach to orchestrating the events in order to look like they were abducted or killed.
There are various reasons an individual might be motivated to commit such an act: perhaps they are trying to avoid debt or escape from an individual, gang, or the law. Or perhaps someone is just so overwhelmingly bored with their life they wish to start over. However the legal and financial implications of doing so are staggering. Check out this episode and learn all about what it takes to successfully disappear.
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American Monsters

In this episode of Strange Matters a number of infamous and legendary monsters and vile creatures of America are discussed.  Each of these monsters have become well known urban legends in their own specific regions across the country. Whether it is the dark woods of New Jersey, the creeks of Kentucky, or even the snowy lands of Michigan, rumors and stories have spread of terrifying beast lurking in the dark.

Jersey_Devil_Philadelphia_Post_1909The Jersey Devil is one of America’s most well known and oldest monster story.  This hybrid creature’s origin supposedly dates back before the formation of the United States even.  Combining the body parts of numerous different animals, this horrifying creature was rumored to be the spawn of the Devil itself.  This monster allegedly lurks in the deep woods of New Jersey,  scaring unsuspecting hikers with its blood curdling scream.

The Dogman of Michigan is a mysterious creature that lives in the deep snowy woods of the northern state.  Combining the torso of a man with the legs and head of a canine, the Dogman has been spotted and encountered for over a century.  Whether the Dogman is actually some type of freak hybrid creature, or just the over-imagination of the locals, has been an ongoing debate for years.

The Pope Lick Monster is a terrifying abomination, a creature combing the body parts of man, goat, and sheep together.  This violent monster is rumored to lure innocent victims onto the train tracks on its home bridge.  There, they are helpless to either face the oncoming train, or jump to their own demise below.  Though the Pope Lick Monster is well known to be merely a myth, the popularity and danger of its tale has lead to many unfortunate accidents.

Finally there is the Beast of Bladenboro, a creature responsible for a string of attacks on people’s pets and livestock in the winter of 1954.  When its legend grew, over a thousand people swarmed to the town to try and hunt this vampire like beast.  Just as quickly as the Beast arrived, the attacks soon ceased, leaving the people of Bladenboro to wonder to this day exactly what kind of creature was behind the violent animal murders.

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Life in the Matrix: Simulated Reality

“I Think. Therefore I Am”

For millennia people have pondered and questioned exactly what is reality.  Is the world around us that we perceive everyday actually real?  Or is it instead simply a trick, smoke and mirrors, a simulated reality to keep us fooled.

In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss the possibility that mankind may all be living in some type of Matrix program, or simulated reality.   Sean and Eric present numerous ideas and theories describing how life as we know it may be a complete lie.  Whether we are all simply computer programs living our lives unaware of our coded nature, at the mercy of endless multiple dimensions, or perhaps just the creation of some all powerful dreaming deity, there are countless ideas one could come up with to doubt their own existence.

So make the decision to take the blue pill and continue to live in blissful ignorance… Or to instead take the red pill, press play, and follow us down as we discover just how deep this rabbit hole can go.

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Creepy Listener Stories

In this episode of Strange Matters we share a collection of unexplained and creepy listener stories that have been shared with us.  Each of these stories involved personal encounters and experiences that can not be easily explained. These tales range from possible UFO sightings, to direct Alien visits, creepy shadow figures, smelly co-hosts, and bizarre strangers.  Between all the different unexplained experiences shared with us, this episode will be sure to give you the chills.

Thanks to Joan, Danielle, Dan, Fallon, and Samantha for sharing their personal creepy listener stories with us!

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