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For a conspiracy of this magnitude we had to devote an entire episode… the Illuminati is likely one of the most famous conspiracies and any celebrity in popular culture is likely to at some point during their lifetime to have their name at least mentioned as being associated with this super secret organization.

The Illuminati is believed to be a fraternal society with roots going back to 1776 in Bavaria where it was first established. Illuminati2Many believe that the Illuminati was involved in the foundation of America. This organization is thought by many to have been permanently disbanded, but many still believe it is alive and thriving in modern times.

The purpose of the Illuminati is to achieve world domination through control of the world government, banks and media. The world’s ultra-rich are thought to be  the ones controlling this group however unfortunately there exists a tremendous lack of substantiated evidence to support the existence of this brotherhood. In this episode we discuss not only the details and symbols of the organization but also their alleged involvement in today’s society and popular culture. So does this organization really exist or is it nothing more than blurred shadow of a once great society? Tune in for this episode and let us know what you think!

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Killers Around the World II – English Serial Killers

In this second installment of Strange Matters Podcast’s series highlighting killers around the world, Sean discusses a pair of  particularly cruel and cold-hearted English serial killers.

Harold Shipman, known as Dr. Death,  was a English General Practitioner and is currently the most prolific serial killer in recorded history.  Using his position as a doctor, Shipman was able to have access to an almost unlimited supply of unsuspecting victims.  His method was to give an overdose of diamorphine, or medical heroin, to his patients.  Harold Shipman was known to forge medical records as well.  Due to his position of power, Shipman was able to go undetected for years, killing hundreds of innocent patients.  Fortunately, a few people around the doctor started to recognize a pattern around his patient’s deaths.  Shipman was finally investigated, and tested done on several of his recently deceased patients proved that they had died of overdoses that he had himself administered.

Mary Ann CottonMary Ann Cotton was a killer in the 1860’s and 70’s.  Mary was a poisoner, using arsenic to kill off multiple husbands, friends, and over a dozen children.  Her usual trick was to find a suitable man and quickly marry them, often times becoming pregnant right away.  Shortly after marriage, she would convince her husband to take a life insurance policy with her as the benefactor. Mary would then poison the husband, and usually several of the children involved as well.  This sadistic woman would repeat this process several times, until she had poisoned as many as 21 people before the authorities finally caught on to her act.

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Out of this World Encounters

In this episode, Eric takes you on a tour of some of the world’s sightings of Alien cryptids. The following stories walk a fine line between what is considered a cryptid and what is actually just evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

The first encounter is that of the Enfield Horror. In 1973 in the town of Enfield Illinois multiple accounts of encounters with a strange 3 legged creature were reported all around the same time. This monstrosity, thought to be an alien, demon or genetic mutation, terrorized the town for days before disappearing never to be seen again.


One individual tells how they heard a scratch at the door, and when they went to investigate, found a hideous hairy, yet slimy figure crouched at his front door with large glowing red eyes and miniature T-Rex like arms protruding from its narrow torso. As ridiculous as this sounds, multiple independent accounts describe the creature very similarly. Is this an alien? Or another cryptid? Or simply just a case of mistaken identity?

The Musconetcong Mantis Man is another strange hybrid or genetic mutation that was sighted and described similarly within a fairly localized region in New Jersey. Some describe this 7-foot tall praying mantis as having inter-dimensional teleportation capabilities based on its ability to seemingly materialize and de-materialize in and out of thin air.


However a slightly more logical explanation would be that this giant mantis is using natural capabilities, that it’s smaller bug brethren display commonly — the ability to take on the same color and pattern as its surroundings, also known as active camouflage. Some people believe that this giant beast is some mad scientists genetic experiment gone horribly wrong; and when this unnamed mad scientist realized he could not control this creature, he simply released it into the wild, where it has dwelled for years. Another popular theory draws similarities between the Mantis Man and another well known race of mantis-like aliens.

Our final alien encounter is of a less extra-terrestrial form, however is alien in the sense of a creature that is non-native to the area in which it has been sighted. Alien big cats or “ABCs” are large black wild cats that have been sighted in Britain for almost a century. There have been several reports of people being attacked and some deceased corpses of smaller ABCs have been found. However the British government is skeptical given the existence of these beasts and believes them to be nothing more than hoaxes or misidentifications.


Others take a more primitive and paranormal approach and believe that they are demons that have taken the form of panthers and leopards. However despite the demystification of thousands of photographs, there are still a handful that remain unexplained.

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Mystifying Structures Across the World

For this episode we present a number of old and mystifying structures located at different locations around the world.  Mysteries surround each of these large constructions, as the reasons behind their construction and even how they were built is still being debated to this day.

The first topic of the episode is the Coral Castle, located in Florida, U.S.  The Coral Castle is a collection of large and uniquely carved stones placed around the grounds.  Some of the stones used in the Castle weigh as heavy as 30 tons, over 10 times the weight of the stones used in the Great Pyramids!  What is so bizarre about this case is that the story goes that no one had any idea how the creator Edward Leedskalnin actually moved the stones to create his castle. Whether it was magnetism, levitation, ancient Egyptian Secrets, or just plain old mechanical creativity, Edward managed to create not just a unique complex, but a lasting mysterious legacy.

Up next is the ancient city of Nan Madol.  The ruins of the city lay in Micronesia, in the western Pacific Ocean.  What is strange about Nan Madol is that it was built in the water of a lagoon, in which scores of artificial islands were created by the people in order to erect the buildings of the city.  How these people were able to pull of such a feat is still a mystery to this day.

Goseck CircleFinally we discuss the Goseck Circle.  Discovered in Germany, it is possibly the oldest large structure in the entire world, being several thousand years older than the Pyramids of Ancient Egypt.  The exact purpose of the Goseck Circle baffled archaeologist for years.  Some conjectured it was used as a fortification, or a place of worship, or even a setting for human sacrifice.  The newest theory behind the Goseck Circle however could completely change the way historians view the people of the Neolithic Age.


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Creepy & Paranormal Listener Stories

For this episode of Strange Matters we share a number of spooky and creepy stories and encounters that have been sent into us by listeners.  These disturbing paranormal listener stories include possible hauntings, unexplained phenomena, and strange encounters.

Thanks to everyone who sent us in their personal stories!  For our next listener based episode we are looking for local myths and urban legends from all over the world.  If you know of any interesting or strange legends or stories from where you live, please feel free to share it with us at our email, or send us a message on our Facebook Page or Twitter!

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Boy in the Box and The Moving Coffins

The story of the “Boy in the Box” was a tragic yet intriguing unsolved mystery that took place in the 1950’s. A young boy, not much older than 3-4 years, was found placed in a box and tossed on the side of the road. This young lad was carefully placed inside the box and left in the ditch of a country road in Philadelphia. Medical examination revealed that the cause of death was multiple blows to the head however a brown substance that coated the boys esophagus raises many questions. Despite almost 60 years of investigations the identity and story behind this boys death remains shrouded in mystery. Despite many theories, some more convincing than others, many of the investigators have died without knowing what really happened to this boyAmerica;s unknown child




The “Moving Coffins of Barbados” tells of a massive tomb built to house the bodies of the Chase family on the island of Barbados. This seemingly inexplicable story states that upon opening of the tomb the massive led caskets were found tossed about within the tomb without any explanation. Government officials became involved, inspected and sealed the tomb with additional layers of security but to no avail. Years later when the tomb was opened again, the coffins had been violently thrown about the inside of the tomb. Without any possible explanation, the bodies were exhumed and laid to rest in a separate location. What could possibly explain this? TombsCould it be supernatural or possibly some sort of logical explanation exists? Perhaps we will never know, however it seems likely that this mystery could have been fabricated from the beginning. Tune in and learn all about these mysteries in our latest episode.