Apocalyptic Events

In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss our favorite apocalyptic events that could bring about the end of the world as we know it! Ranging from interstellar disasters to super volcanic eruptions and even a man-made nuclear event, we go over just what would happen to Earth if one of these catastrophes were to strike, the possibilities that it could happen, and how life on this planet would be effected.


Which apocalyptic event is the most disturbing? Which is the most likely for you to survive? Let us know what you think of these disasters, along with any others that interest and scare you!

Disclaimer!! We had some audio problems during the beginning of this episode, Eric’s mic wasn’t working correctly for about the first half before it kicks back in so some of his early audio is a bit distorted, hopefully you can still listen to the episode without much problem!



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The Roswell UFO Incident

In this episode of Strange Matters we discuss the infamous Roswell Incident, where a mysterious crashed aircraft of unknown origins was discovered near an Air Force base in New Mexico.

In the summer of 1947 a farmer came across a pile of debris scattered on the ground that appeared to be some kind of craft. Local Air Force officials came to inspect and recover the materials and claimed it was simply a crashed Weather Balloon.


Though many believed the explanation, there are some who came to believe that this was the first evidence of a crashed Alien space craft.  As UFO hysteria swept the country, many others in the Roswell area claimed to see other signs of alien activity, including claims of spotting dead aliens at other crash sites.

We here at Strange Matters go over the big stories and claims made my both sides, the Government and UFO enthusiast alike.  Is there any chance that this was in fact an alien craft?  Or was it simply just a experimental Air Force balloon? Listen to the episode and let us know what you believe of this bizarre tale!



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Hinterkaifeck Murders

In the early spring months of 1922, an entire family was found murdered at their isolated farmstead.  The bloody bodies were discovered in the farm and house of Hinterkaifeck, but no sign or clues to the killer’s identity could be found.  Once the local police started to investigate this horrible and disturbing crime, even more mystery began to surround this bizarre case.

In this episode of Strange Matters the facts of the case along with any theories as to who committed this crimes are discussed.  Was this the act of a jealous ex-husband returning from the grave? A psychotic serial killer? Or just a not-so-friendly neighbor? Listen and decide for yourself which theory is the most likely as to who could massacre an entire family and get away with it.



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Bioprinting & Bionics

In this episode Sean and Ethan discuss the emerging and strange new science of replacing biological body parts with new or improved artificial ones.  The upcoming technology of bioprinting allows scientists to use 3-D printing to create anything from new blood vessels, artificial skin to cover burns, or even an entirely new organ ready to be transplanted.  Also the field of bionics is coming to a point where soon people can replace damaged or missing limbs with completely bionic replacements.  These new artificial appendages use smart technology and state of the art mechanics to produce a prosthetic limbs that is just as good as the one you were born with.. and perhaps in the near future they will actually be superior!



Whether it be 3-D printed organs or bionic limbs, this new technology will have a big impact in the near future! Let us know what you think, would you be willing to replace your body parts with those grown in a lab or made in a factory to improve your way of life or even to just get that slight physical advantage?

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